Some things to consider:

Please ensure all passengers can follow basic instructions. Everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and seamanly manner while aboard. We may also be able to accommodate those with special needs as long as we can safely board and dissembark. Dress for the weather, boat shoes are appreciated. Bring appropriate medications and sunscreen with you.  Safety will be of the utmost concern while underway, and the Captain reserves the right to terminate the cruise for any reason.

Cindy Ballard

-Day charters           in Leonardtown



​-Adventure tours

-Licensed Captain


Once we agree on a date and time, we will meet at the Wharf.  Maximum 6 passengers.  NO RED WINE OR SALSA please, but you may BYOB if you like.  We will also offer some light snacks.

Start your adventure at the Port of Leonardtown Winery  

BYOB (white wine only please)


Special events, Birthdays, Proposals, Ceremonies, Corporate team trips are also welcome

Pricing: Total $90/hour for either boat

1 to 6 Passengers

*Possible fuel surcharge for the powerboat

Captain "Buzz"...the one in the blue shirt.  Not the furry one!

​Meet the Owners / Operators / Founders of Compass Point Charters, Buzz and Cindy Ballard.
Buzz is a former Marine fighter pilot, proud father and family man. Not only is Buzz an avid lifelong outdoor and water enthusiast turned sailor, but he's captained sailboats all over the world and loves sharing with people all about sailing, boats, and life on the water.
Cindy is a local award winning realtor, Marine wife and mother of two great boys. For going on 10 years now she's been helping people find home in the community.
Buzz and Cindy started Compass Point Charters out of their love of sharing the beautiful southern Maryland community and their passion for sailing with friends and family.
You're in great hands with Compass Point Charters.